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Flexible individual Cloud IaaS configurations strictly comply with your needs. We are historically focused on the infrastructure development, and our cloud-based solutions resulted from our competencies and expertise growth in the core business, rather than the attempt to comply with the trend, involuntarily studying strange subjects. Quite naturally, we will organize personal secure fault-tolerant cloud as we know which solution is suitable for you.

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Cloud IAAS details

Computing environment is based on the powerful processor base produced by recognized industry leaders

Current processors base includes INTEL XEON E5-2630v2 and INTEL XEON E5-2697v4
Virtual routers and networks management: OpenStack-based cloud provides basic functionality for both public and private cloud organization. In case of private cloud implementation, the client is provided with virtual routers and networks functionality management (OpenStack DVR). Private networks isolation is organized on the basis of VXLAN technology.

Virtualization system - QEMU/KVM
Duplication of all nodes connections: each node has a duplicated connection to SAN- and WAN-networks. WAN-network offers from 1Gbit / sec to 40GBit / sec with RDMA / VXLAN offload. Each node is equipped with 256 Mb up to 1Tb RAM depending on the customer`s project needs.
Cloud platform - OpenStack Mitaka

Software-Defined Storage is Ceph Hammer. Some details:
● doubled data replication – initially
● Ceph log is located on PCIe SSD at the RAID – guaranteed high-speed data acceptance
● Infiniband FDR 56Gbit/s networking communications – high-speed storage interconnect operations, low latency in data reading/acceptance
● all network components are initially redundant
● if SSDs are used, IOPS indicators are high, depending on total storage space


Professional and safe

Cloud solutions are resulted from development of our expertise in the infrastructure solutions building. We do not learn new and strange areas but we grow in our professional niche. All works are done by Netversor GmbH specialists, the cloud is serviced only by our specialists, and our engineers conduct round-the-clock monitoring of the infrastructure in our data centers.

All client data is protected and encryption keys and data access are provided only to the client. Third parties will not be able to intercept and decrypt your information.

High-available and reliable systems

We provide dual redundancy of the entire infrastructure involved in the cloud operation. Double data replication is initial and all network components are replicated. All data is stored and transmitted using reliable encryption algorithms.

Scalability and flexibility

We are ready to build a system if requested by the client, from small personal cloud for small business to large cloud solutions for corporate clients.

Our infrastructure is designed and built in such a way that any client could receive additional resources at any time, if needed.

Convenience in cloud management

A set of functions depends on the client's project. You can easily manage virtual machines, disks and images, virtual routers and networks, simple projects, users and access rights management is available, and much more. Project configuration flexibility and scalability allow to quickly select optimal solution for any task.