To locate equipment on Netversor’s own areas in the German and Dutch data centers is not only safe, but also the most convenient. We established very high standards and strict requirements. Our data centers meet TIER III and TIER III+ requirements. Day by day we provide over 99.99% backbone availability. Our experts will provide you with the qualified support at all stages. It is convenient, easy and reliable to work with us. We are always there

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Our advantages

Professional and Qualitative

Quality of services purchased by our customers is secured by ISO 27001 standards. DE15/08130012 Certificate was issued by TÜV Saarland and is valid till 08/13/2018. We use only professional equipment of the enterprise-class and infrastructure from the leading manufacturers

Convenient and accessible

We keep your peace of mind – we help you to find, optimally configure, order and install the systems, and also move your equipment from another data center. Do you want to see our data centers for yourself and make sure in their reliability? We are pleased to meet, show, tell and answer all your questions

Safe and reliable

We guarantee integrity to your systems and data. Fault-tolerant and professional data centers. Multilevel access is controlled, services are provided only by our technicians, and access to equipment by the unauthorized persons is excluded. Your data belongs only to you

Quickly and efficiently

Our permanently established highly-qualified engineers and tech support experts are always in touch – 24/7/365. We ensure unprecedented short response time to queries and solving of emergency situations. Professional support at all levels, including Remote hands, Reboots and Resets, Monitoring of Servers